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Type- Moon - Wikipedia. Type- Moon(. It is also known under the name Notes Co., Ltd.(. After creating the popular visual novel Tsukihime as a doujin softcircle, Type- Moon has since incorporated and produced the also popular visual novel Fate/stay night.

The latter has also been adapted into anime and manga series that have amassed a global fanbase. History. The company name Type- Moon actually comes from one of Kinoko's older works, Angel Notes. In December 2. 00.

Type- Moon released the adult. Windowsvisual novel. Tsukihime, which sold extremely well and amassed a large fanbase. The game led to the creation of numerous top selling merchandise, memorabilia, and a fanbase numbering millions around the world. Tsukihime was adapted soon after in 2. Shingetsutan Tsukihime, which was produced by J.

C. Staff and published by Geneon, and a manga series based upon Shingetsutan Tsukihime that has been published since 2. Soon after, in January 2. Type- Moon released Plus- Disk, an addition to Tsukihime that featured three side- stories and assorted multimedia. In August 2. 00. 1, Type- Moon released a sequel to Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya, and soon, in April 2. Tsuki- Bako, a specially packaged three- disk set that included Tsukihime, Plus- Disk, and Kagetsu Tohya, as well as a remixed soundtrack for both games and more multimedia. In December 2. 00. Type- Moon, in association with French- Bread (known as Watanabe Seisakujo prior to 2.

Melty Blood, a PC- based doujin game based on the Tsukihime universe, which was very popular and was followed soon after by an expansion, Melty Blood Re- ACT, released in May 2. Melty Blood Re- ACT Final Tuned, was released as a free download over the Internet. Melty Blood is widely considered among the best doujin 2. D fighting games ever made, and has been released as an arcade port, Melty Blood: Act Cadenza, in March 2. PS2 platform in August 2. Type- Moon soon transitioned from a doujin soft organization to a commercial organization, and on January 3. PC- based eroge visual novel game, Fate/stay night, which broke all records on its opening day and became immensely popular.

It was later adapted into an anime series that aired 2. Japan starting January 6, 2. October 2. 01. 4; and a manga series that ran in publication between December 2.

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  • Kinoko Nasu Takashi Takeuchi: Products: Tsukihime Fate/stay night: Website: Type-Moon's Official Homepage Type-Moon's official Tsukihime website.

October 2. 6, 2. 01. Monthly Shounen Ace. A sequel to Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia, was released on October 2. Fate/stay night was also released on the PS2 platform in May 2. A prequel, Fate/Zero, was released as a light novel written by Gen Urobuchi (from nitro+) under Kinoko Nasu's supervision, featuring art by Takashi Takeuchi, in 2. At Comiket 7. 2 in 2. Another story was published in 2.

With 7 Anime film adaptations spanning from December 2. December 2. 00. 9 and an OVA in February 2. Another film has been released in September 2. Mirai Fukuin. Tsukihime.

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A television adaptation of the visual novel, called Lunar Legend Tsukihime, aired October 2. J. C. Staff. A DVD version was released on March 2. PS2 port entitled Fate/stay night . Currently, three anime adaptations exist of Fate/stay night: the first was produced by Studio Deen and primarily based on the visual novel's Fate route.

Made in collaboration with Nitroplus. Animated on October 2. June 2. 01. 2. Fate/tiger colosseum, PSP 3. D fighting game, released September 1. Made by Capcom and Cavia.

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, a spin- off manga series written and illustrated by Hiroyama Hiroshi, serialized in Comp Ace magazine from 2. Sequel Fate/Extra CCC was released in March 2. Fate/Apocrypha, a light novel written by Yuuichirou Higashide and illustrated by Konoe Ototsugu, was released between December 2. December 2. 01. 4 spanning across five volumes. Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver, a light novel written by Hikaru Sakurai, illustrated by Nakahara and published by Kadokawa Shouten, started publication in August 2. It is a prequel of Fate/Prototype, the original version of Fate/stay night with a female protagonist.

Fate/Labyrinth, a light novel written by Hikaru Sakurai and illustrated by Nakahara. It acts as a side- story to Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver and will be released between Fragments' 3rd and 4th volume. Fate/strange Fake, a light novel series written by Ryohgo Narita, illustrated by Morii Shizuki and published in Dengeki Bunko starting from January 1. It is a remake of the original 2.

April's Fool's web- published one- shot known as Fake/states night which was later edited and included in TYPE- MOON Ace Vol. A manga adaptation, also illustrated by Morii Shizuki, is being released alongside aforementioned current novelization. The game contains characters from previous Fate properties along with new characters. A new class, Shielder, was added to the game. Manga serialized from June 2. August 2. 01. 1. Melty Blood Re. ACT, PC- based expansion to Melty Blood, released in May 2.

Melty Blood Re. ACT Final Tuned, update patch to Melty Blood Re. ACT, released as a free download. Melty Blood: Act Cadenza, arcade port to Melty Blood, released on the PS2 platform in 2. Melty Blood: Act Cadenza Version B, the updated PC port of Act Cadenza, was released on July 2.

Melty Blood: Actress Again, arcade released on September 2. PS2- port on August 2. Melty Blood: Actress Again Current. Code, the first 2.

D fighting game for Sega Ring. Wide arcade board, was released on July 2. Ver. 1. 0. 7 was released later for Arcade on October 2. PC port on December 2. Blu- ray release of Carnival Phantasm Season 3 limited edition. An updated version was released on Steam in April 2.

Other works. With two volumes released in 2. Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de - Nasu wrote a special scenario for the game, with Takashi Takeuchi providing the character designs. This scenario sequel is an anime, Canaan. Originally written and story- based before Tsukihime, the story follows a young Aozaki Aoko alongside two new faces — Kuonji Alice and Soujuuro Shizuki. In an interview with 4.

Gamer, Kinoko Nasu expressed the desire to make a game that feels like a finished work, and considers this a success. This is the first Type- Moon visual novel not to be an eroge. World Conquest Zvezda Plot, a 2. Tensai Okamura, written by Hoshizora Meteor and animated by A- 1 Pictures. Sekai Seifuku . An anime adaptation by ufotable is planned.