Install Chipset Drivers In Dos Change

Install Chipset Drivers In Dos Change Drive

The Proper Way to Fully Install Intel Chipset Driver. When I was in my teens and started to learn about fixing computers, one of the first thing I remembered learning was the proper order to install drivers. Installing Windows now is much more simplified and easy compared to Windows 9. DOS bootup floppy disk, and the vast support of devices on Windows 7. Windows 9. 8 didn’t support a lot of drivers and we need to spend quite a lot of time searching and downloading the drivers for chipset, display, sound, modem and printer on the internet using the slow 5. Kbps dial up internet connection. A very old friend of mine just called me yesterday asking me what and how to install chipset driver.

Many people call it a chipset driver but in fact it is not a driver nor does it include drivers. It contains information text files (INFs) that provides the operating system with information about a piece of hardware on the system.

This allows the operating system to show the correct name for that piece of hardware in Device Manager. As far as I can remember, the first driver that I should always install is the chipset drivers once Windows installation has been completed, followed by the rest of the drivers. If you install the Intel Chipset Software much later, you will notice that it will not install all INFs. If you prefer to install it but already installed Windows long ago, there is a trick to updates ALL INF drivers on all available devices even if third party drivers are currently installed.

Meaning that if you’ve never installed the Intel Chipset software and would like to do it now, you can force the update by using the command below: First you need to make sure that you have Intel chipset. You can run Intel Driver Update Utility which uses either Active. X or Java to scan your system. Once the product detected shows that you have Intel chipset, then “manually” download the latest version of the Intel chipset software. If you’ve downloaded the zip version, extract it and you’ll get the file name infinst.

Instead of just running the setup file that you’ve just downloaded, you’ll need to run it with an extra command line - OVERALL switch. Always remember the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. So don’t update your device drivers if everything is working well.

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If you want to install the intel Chipset Driver but installed Windows long ago, there is a trick to update ALL INF drivers on all available devices even if third.