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Episode 1. 5 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps. Cute cute cute. As expected, Dad gets crazy with the new rules, which only drives the kiddos right into each other’s arms. Nothing like a forbidden romance to light a fire under your ass. Things get a little more complicated when Yeo- wool learns some harsh truths about her father, while Kang- chi discovers another power and gets put to the test at school. SONG OF THE DAYLee Seung- gi – “That One Last Word” for the OST .

Download the latest version here. You also need to have Java. Script enabled in your browser. EPISODE 1. 5 RECAPWe open on a young Yeo- wool, looking up at her father’s swords. She tries to pick one up, but it’s too big for her to move. Dad comes up behind her and hands her one, asking if it’s heavy. Master Dam: “A sword is strength.

But if you wield it wrongly and shed the blood of innocents, that weight can become heavier than anything you can carry.” She asks if Dad has ever shed the blood of an innocent person, and we cut to Wol- ryung’s death by his sword, as he answers: “I have only once spilled the blood of an innocent.”Back in the present, Yeo- wool runs from Wol- ryung in the mountains, as Kang- chi hears about his father’s return as a thousand- year demon. The monk tells him that he’s here to destroy everything that has to do with Seo- hwa, and well, her son is probably high up on his list, as well as everyone around him. So- jung pleads with Kang- chi to run away. Wol- ryung catches up to Yeo- wool and lifts her chin up. She reaches for her sword, but he blocks her swiftly and tells her not to move.

Kang- chi runs toward them (because he can hear her thoughts? Smell her?) and she can hear him as he gets close. Wol- ryung introduces himself by name, and asks who she is. He’s all too happy to confirm that she’s Dam Pyung- joon’s daughter, and wonders how she knows Kang- chi, only saying that he once knew Kang- chi’s father—whom her father killed. Her jaw drops at the news, and he’s just, Oh, you didn’t know? He leans in close to ask if Kang- chi doesn’t know either. Why, are you going to visit him next and be the Backstory Killjoy over there too?

He warns her that she’ll never defeat him like that, and when she swings, he grabs her wrist and spins her around like he’s about to dip her in a dance. Whoops. Finally she lets out a scream that Kang- chi can hear, and he goes dashing through the woods. When he finds her she’s alone, crumpled on the ground in shock and on the verge of tears. He asks what happened, but she just bursts into tears and throws her arms around him, sobbing into his shoulder. He just hugs her and sheds a tear, as she cries and cries. That night, Jo Gwan- woong mulls over the plans for the turtle ship that Tae- seo brought to him earlier, wondering if he’s really telling them the truth and not just feeding them false information.

He tells his minion that there is one way to be sure. In the woods, Kang- chi wraps Yeo- wool’s ankle so she can walk back home, and asks what she saw that spooked her so badly. She doesn’t tell him about Wol- ryung, which seems like a bad idea. He chides her for going into the woods alone when she’s a girl, and he notably keeps saying “woman” over and over again, so she prods, “Do you see me as a woman now?” He answers as if it would be ridiculous for him to do otherwise, like he wasn’t even around for the past fourteen episodes. That leads to awkward glances at anything but each other, but they each betray a tiny grin. Adorable. He puts his hand out to help her up, and then yanks her up so fast that she lands in his arms, within kissing distance. They just stand there, holding hands and blinking at each other, trying not to think about lips.

Kiss her, you fool! It looks like it takes all his brainpower NOT to kiss her, and he finally says they should head back down before her father gets worried.

Omo, your dad used that move. He marches back over to her. Tae- seo wanders the courtyard of the Hundred Year Inn, wondering if he can really reclaim it one day, and start dreaming again. Seo- hwa watches from a distance, as her assistant Pil- mok tells her about Tae- seo.(And since there seems to be some confusion in the threads—no, that’s not Lee Yeon- hee playing her.

It’s Yoon Se- ah, and her character’s cover name is Ja Hong- myung, but I’m calling her Seo- hwa for simplicity’s sake.)She says wistfully, “If he’s still alive, he’d be about that age. Oh, twisted ankles, where would dramaland romance be without you? But she refuses, insisting that it’s no big deal. He gives her two options—ride piggyback of he’ll carry her—but she turns them both down, wide- eyed, and insists on hobbling on her own. So Kang- chi stands up and scoops her up in his arms in one swift motion. He finally convinces her that he can carry her home without much trouble, so she relents with a “Thanks.” And so he carries her with a smile. Those smiles quickly fade when they get closer to home, and suddenly Gon pops out with a handful of students behind him, on his way to find Yeo- wool.

It’s not what it looks like! Gon just seethes silently and steps aside. You are in so much trouble. Also, shouldn’t you put her down now? When they get back, Master Dam rips Yeo- wool a new one for disobeying and running off into the woods, and reminds her that she’s engaged to Tae- seo now.

She says he did that without even consulting her, and asks if all of it, including his coldness to Kang- chi, was because he killed his father. Master Dam stops short, wondering how she knows about that, and she asks if it’s really true, hoping he’ll say she’s wrong. He only asks if Kang- chi knows (he doesn’t), and answers absently that it was a long time ago, refusing to tell her any more than that. Flashback to her meeting with Wol- ryung, where he accuses her of being her father’s daughter and raising a sword to innocent people. She had argued that her father would never do such a thing, but he told her that Kang- chi’s father was pure and innocent.

Master Dam calls Gon in, and tells him that for the time being, they’ll have to split Yeo- wool and Kang- chi apart. So in the morning, Gon has to deliver the news to Yeo- wool that she’s been confined to her quarters, and if she steps one foot outside, the students will be punished in her place. She asks after Kang- chi, who’s currently tiptoeing his way into the Hundred Year to see Tae- seo, dressed in all black in broad daylight.

Well that’s just ballsy AND silly. But Tae- seo can tell that something’s off about him, starting with the fact that he’s carrying a sword, and greets him warily. The stilted way “Kang- chi” asks leading questions ought to tip him off if the other clues didn’t, because he asks if Tae- seo really betrayed them and gave up Lee Soon- shin’s turtle ship designs. Tae- seo plays along and says he’s doing everything for Chung- jo, and quotes an adage: “If you know your enemy and yourself. Tae- seo finishes the adage: “every battle is won,” and then hurls a candlestick at Kang- chi’s head. Tae- seo manages to keep his cover long enough for Jo Gwan- woong to be satisfied that he’s not a mole, and then his minion changes back to his true form. One point for the good guys.

So- jung wakes up to find Kang- chi sitting by his bedside and dozing off, and just sighs in frustration that he hasn’t run away yet. Kang- chi feeds him medicine and says he has no plans to run, instead thinking of ways to find Wol- ryung. So- jung warns that he’ll die, and Kang- chi reminds him that he’s the one who told him he couldn’t die. So- jung changes the rules, because he can, and says that two supernatural beings can kill each other. Kang- chi: “Then that means I can kill him.” So- jung doesn’t understand why he’d go looking for a fight when he should be running, and Kang- chi says, “He messed with something he shouldn’t mess with.” Kang- chi says, “If you know your enemy and yourself. When Kang- chi leaves So- jung’s house, Wol- ryung is watching, and he approaches. But something strange happens when they get close—Wol- ryung’s eyes glow red and suddenly vines start to grow around Kang- chi’s feet, trapping him there.

Ooh do they each have a reaction to the other? It would make sense.

It’s weird because if it’s Kang- chi, why would he trap himself, and if it’s Wol- ryung? The rules aren’t clear, but something funky is going on, and Wol- ryung is the first to run. Kang- chi runs back to the school looking for Yeo- wool, and starts to tell Gon about the strange creepy vines, but just asks for Yeo- wool instead.

She’s trapped of course, and today a teacher arrives to begin her new lessons. Yeo- wool looks at her warily, “What kind of lessons?”The first? Yeo- wool: “S- sewing?” Her teacher tells her she’ll have to change first and slams down a hanbok, and Yeo- wool busts out of there. She slams her hands down on her father’s desk, “Sewing? Father, SEWING?!” Ha. He tells her it’s time she prepared for her future wifely duties, but she shouts back, “You told me to never forget the weight of the sword!

To learn the sword that protects people! You taught me that!” You tell . Lay down the sword and find happiness as a wife.

That is my will.” He starts to walk out thinking he’s had the final word, but she declares, “If it’s not with Kang- chi, I don’t want it!” Omo.“If it’s not with Kang- chi, I don’t want to live as anything else.” He erupts, asking if she really thinks a father would give his daughter to a half- beast half- man, which isn’t even taking into account what Kang- chi will do when he finds out that her father killed his. What if he seeks revenge? Kang- chi: “You can lock away a body, but not a heart!” He tells them they might as well kick him out instead of trapping Yeo- wool, and Gon says he plans to do just that.

He hands Kang- chi a belt with bells dangling from it, and orders him to wear it. Is this like putting a collar on Kitty?

As soon as he puts it on, Gon takes out his sword and cuts one bell off with scary precision. Because if so, I think you should run, Kang- chi- ya.